Jiangtong Expressway Ford Tunnel right through

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Original title: The right section of the Ford Tunnel on the Jiangtong Expressway

On July 31, the second longest tunnel on the Jiangtong Expressway, the Ford Tunnel, was safely completed, marking another major step forward in the overall construction of the Jiangtong Expressway to overcome difficulties.

The Ford Tunnel is a separate tunnel with a total length of 1030 meters on the left and 1085 meters on the right. The surrounding rock condition of the tunnel is poor. The maximum burial depth is 132.79 meters. The rock formation category is dominated by dolomic limestone and belongs to structural erosion. landform. The net width of the tunnel is 10.25 meters and the net height is 5 meters. It is designed according to two lanes. Due to terrain constraints, Ford Tunnel adopts one-way excavation method for construction. At the same time, due to the very bad rock formation conditions, it has a relatively large impact on the progress and safety of the site. In order to successfully do a good job in the excavation and construction of the Ford Tunnel, Jiangtong Company has strengthened the monitoring and management of the entire construction process. Starting from the formulation and approval of the construction plan, it has identified risks and formulated measures to manage the entire construction on the ground. We will strictly implement the four-level quality management system and the "three-level education" of safety, do a good job in laying down safety techniques for personnel on the ground, strictly inspect procedures, and follow the design and specifications to ensure that on-site construction is carried out safely and smoothly.

The Ford Tunnel is a sub-key line of the Jiangtong Expressway Project. Since the construction of the Zifude Tunnel, all participating units have made every effort to ensure the monitoring of the safety progress. The participating personnel work closely together, unite and collaborate, and jointly create an environment for construction. At the same time, we have done a good job in personnel and material protection. It has created good conditions for the safe passage of the right side of the Ford Tunnel. At present, with the smooth passage of the right side of the Ford Tunnel, the construction of the Jiangtong Expressway has overcome another difficulty, which is conducive to the smooth development of subsequent construction. The construction of the Jiangtong Expressway will be vigorously implemented and will continue to move forward to achieve the goal of opening as soon as possible.