Shanghai Tianhao officially unveiled the 13th Queensland Mining Exhibition in Australia

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July 24-26, 2018, a three-day Queensland Mining Exhibition in Australia was held at the McKay International Convention and Exhibition Center in Australia. As the largest, most authoritative and most professional industrial and industrial event in the world, the number of exhibitors at this exhibition has reached a new high, attracting hundreds of exhibitors from the working conditions industry to participate in the exhibition. There are also well-known industrial and mining equipment manufacturers from Germany, Japan, South Korea, China and many other countries to visit the site.

At this exhibition, the representative products such as "fine particle recycling machine and ultra-fine particle recycling machine" launched by Shanghai Tianyi Industrial Co., Ltd. have become a highlight of this exhibition. Through intuitive product models and video presentations, It shows our company's safety and environmental protection solutions tailored for the mine industry, attracting many visitors to stop. Shanghai Tianhao with advanced professional technology to conquer the audience and peers, they have shown a strong intention of cooperation.

The exhibition fully demonstrated the research and development strength and innovation ability of Shanghai Tianzhu Industrial Co., Ltd., and also strengthened exchanges with its peers, improved the visibility of our company in the international market, and laid a good foundation for further international market development.