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Mud water treatment equipments which our company provide to the Korea have been delivered successfully
作者:admin 发布时间:2019-05-22 阅读次数:3
Recently, with the shipment of the last batch of goods, the two sets of mud water treatment equipment for the shield tunneling mud water treatment project of the jiangling nuclear power plant in South Korea, signed by our company and Korea east Asia geological engineering co., ltd. have been successfully completed and delivered to the customer in the shortest time.

Industry information

Industry information
Chengdu metro line 8 phase I: "dongtong"
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On September 19, chengdu metro construction news came, chengdu metro line 8 phase I project all "hole", the line 49 single-line tunnel all through, a total length of about 47.4 km.


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The second-phase rectangular shield section of Ningbo metro line 2 is fully connected
作者:admin 发布时间:2019-09-18 阅读次数:1
On September 17, the rectangular shield machine "yangming" successfully passed through zhenhai old town and broke through the earth at zhaibaoshan station, which marked the completion of the 2.2 km long rectangular shield section of the second phase of ningbo metro line 2. The second phase of line 2 has become the longest line of ningbo rail transit under construction with rectangular shield technology.