Metro Line 2 Dingtanghe Park Station Shield Origin

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   Yesterday morning, another shield machine originated from Dingtanghe on the Changzhou Metro Line 2. As of now, a total of 7 Shields on the Metro Line 2 of our city have been excavated. In addition, there is already a two-lane tunnel section.

The section of the shield construction is the tunnel section from Qingyang Road Station to Dingtanghe Park Station, which is part of the 07 standard project of Metro Line 2. In addition to the construction of this section, the construction of the 07 standard project on Line 2 also includes a station and an access line. It is reported that the station is Dingtanghe station, and the entrance line is used to connect the Dingyan Depot. Among them, the total length of the shield line between Qingyang Road Station and Dingtanghe Park Station is 947 meters, and the total length of the shield section of the entrance and exit line is 468 meters. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the construction of the interval construction of the entry and exit section lines, some of them belong to the open excavation area.

During the construction process, the shield machine will penetrate the enclosure structure and the main structure of the entrance and exit lines, which will have a greater impact on the structure. Therefore, the disturbance control of shield construction is one of the difficulties in the excavation process. In addition, digging in powdered clay, it is also necessary to prevent the appearance of mud cake on the knife plate of the shield machine. In view of these construction difficulties, the Beijing Municipal Group that built the standard section has carried out adequate technical preparations and research and demonstration, and rationally allocated the tool plates and knives of the shield machine to improve the accessibility of excavation.