Korea Engineering Company to visit our company

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Recently, Korean engineering company customers came to my company for a field trip.

During the visit, the two sides conducted detailed exchanges and discussions on various technical issues of the cooperation project. This paper confirms the previous problems in the technical aspects of our mud water treatment equipment. The exchange took place in a relaxed atmosphere, and the discussion took place in a lively atmosphere.

Afterwards, the Korean customer visited our machinery manufacturing company and arrived at the factory. After arriving at the factory, the customer visited the office area of the machinery manufacturing company and the factory processing equipment and the production situation of the workshop. During this period, he exchanged details with the workers on the processing and manufacturing of equipment.

Through this investigation, Korean customers have developed a keen interest in the mud treatment equipment designed and manufactured by our company, and the two sides have reached a cooperative intention, which also laid a good foundation for our company to further expand the international market.

The Korean engineering company is a company with nearly 50 years of history and experience in the design and construction of geological engineering projects. It has advanced technology and excellent corporate culture.