Our company won the bid Guangzhou Metro Line 18 muddy treatment equipment

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Guangzhou Metro Line 18 is positioned as the North-South Express Line, realizing the rapid rail transit connection between downtown Guangzhou and Nansha New District, supporting the development of Nansha New District and Nansha Free Trade Area, and connecting the city's downtown line network to supplement the north-south axial passenger flow development corridor. It also enhances the comprehensive transportation hub function of Guangzhou East Railway Station and is one of the first underground city express lines that can achieve the level of subway service in China.In the future, Guangzhou Metro Line 18 will also be expected to extend to Zhuhai, Zhongshan and Qingyuan.

Guangzhou Metro Line 18 is roughly north-south. The line starts at the Wanqingsha hub in Nansha District, passes through Mingzhu Bay District, Panyu Square, Pazhou and Zhujiang New City, and ends at the hub of Guangzhou East Railway Station. The line quickly connects Nansha New District and Guangzhou East Railway Station, and connects Nansha District, Panyu District, Haizhu District and Tianhe District along the line. The total length of the line is 62.7 km. Guangzhou East Railway Station, Qicun Village, Weizhou West District, Pomegranate Gang, Shaxi, Nancun Wanbo, Panyu Square, Hengli and Wanqisha Station are located across the board. The line uses eight-section city express trains with a maximum operating speed of 160km/h. There is a depot and a parking lot on the entire line, which are the Wanzhaisha Depot and the pillow parking lot.

The project of the second engineering department of the Guangzhou Metro Line 18 that we won the bid was undertaken by the China Railway 15th Bureau Group City Rail Company. Our company provides two sets of shield mud treatment equipment with a treatment capacity of 1200m /h. The construction period is about 18 months.