Wuhan Metro Line 7 Crossing the River Tunnel into a Global Crossing Tunnel Demonstration Project

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Today, the reporter learned from the International Forum of Rail Transit Cross River Tunnels that the world's first large-diameter public railway shield tunnel, the Sanyang Road Yangtze River Tunnel on Wuhan Metro Line 7, has become one of the examples of cross-river tunnels in the world. Provide a platform for experts and technicians to share scientific research results and discuss cutting-edge technologies.

According to Sunwenhao, deputy chief engineer of the Urban Rail and Underground Engineering Design Research Institute of Tiesiyuan, the most difficult and dangerous part of the Sanyang Road Yangtze River Tunnel Project on Wuhan Metro Line 7 is the 15.76 meter oversized shield machine that crosses the "Diamond Layer". World class problems such as rice cakes and rice cakes. Since there are many key technologies without precedent, the previous research cycle is close to three years.

Starting from Wuhan's first cross-river subway line, Metro Line 2, the excavation diameter of Wuhan Yuejiang Tunnel has continued to increase and the difficulty coefficient has continuously increased. The Sanyang Road cross-river tunnel on Wuhan Metro Line 7 combines roads, railways, smoke exhaust and other channels. It looks like a simple addition, but it is extremely difficult in the complex Yangtze River strata. Sunwenhao said: "Rail transit from the original 6-meter diameter tunnel to 12.1 meters in diameter has now reached a 15.2 meter tunnel. After the shield is increased, the depth of burial is also increased, and the tunnel will enter the bedrock. The construction is very difficult. "

It is understood that the Sanyang Road crossing river tunnel project on Wuhan Metro Line 7 has attracted rail transit experts and technicians from many cities across the country to visit and study. Industry experts recognized that it is important for the domestic subway tunnel construction technology level upgrade. Hesijin, deputy general manager of Nanchang Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd. in Jiangxi Province, said: The crossing of the Great River means that there are great pressures such as fire fighting and safety. Today, we have also seen some good practices in Wuhan and benefited greatly.
   According to Wangjinfeng, deputy general manager of Wuhan Metro Group, the cross-river tunnel of Metro Line 7 has been completed, and the renovation work of other stations has also been completed. According to the plan, it can be implemented this year.