Phase 2 of Line 10 is expected to open in 2018 via Yangpu and Pudong New Area

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The second phase of Line 10, which is under construction, came with important information yesterday. The supply traction and vehicle control systems for 156 new cars will be assembled by Alstom and will strive to increase the capacity of Line 10. It is reported that the second phase of Rail Interchange Line 10 is expected to open in 2018. At present, all six stations on the line have started construction.
After the current terminal of the first phase of Line 10, Xinjiangwan City Station, the line will continue to extend to Pudong, which is 10 kilometers long and has a total of 6 stations. This is the second phase of Line 10. It has a total length of 10.08 kilometers. It has 1 underground station and 5 elevated stations. The line will use the A-type car with the strongest passenger capacity in the domestic subway.
The specific direction of the second phase of the Line 10 project is from the Xinjiangwan City Station to the Keelung Road Station in the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, and the route passes through Yangpu District and Pudong New Area. The six stations are Guofan Road, Shuangjiang Road, Gaoqiao West, Gaoqiao, Gangcheng Road and Keelung Road. At Gangcheng Road Station, you can transfer to the existing Line 6.