The north-south passage of the second largest East-West artery in Shanghai will cross four tracks and pass through the Suzhou River twice.

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On May 6th, the concrete floor of the work well of Zhongjiang Road in the Beiheng Channel was completed. The current largest shield in Shanghai with a diameter of 15.56 meters will start from the work well and excavate the Beiheng Channel.

At present, the largest diameter shield machine in Shanghai will begin to dig into the northern horizontal passage. It will cross four subway lines from the underground and four times through the Suzhou River Flood Prevention Wall.

May 6 from the tunnel SHARES Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd. was informed that after the five-month excavation construction, the work well of Zhongjiang Road in the Beiheng Road completed a concrete bottom plate with a thickness of 1.8 meters on the same day, for the follow-up. The oversized shield was ready to start.

According to the technical staff of the Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd. of the tunnel, the Zhongjiang Road work well in the Beiheng Road project is located in the Changfeng green space south of the intersection of Guangfu West Road, Zhongjiang Road, Putuo District, and the excavation depth of the pit is 28 meters. "After the work well is completed, a 15.56-meter-diameter oversized muddy water gas balance shield will be placed in the work well and excavated. The diameter of this new shield machine exceeds that used by the Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel. The diameter of the shield machine of 15.43 meters, This tunnel will also be the largest diameter road tunnel under construction in Shanghai.

As the second East-West artery in addition to the Yanan Road elevated in Shanghai, the northern horizontal passage passes through six districts including Changning, Putuo, Jing 'an, Zhabei, Hongkou and Yangpu, with a total length of about 19.1 kilometers. Among them, the 2 standard sections are from Chang 'an Road on Weining Road and are about 7.8 kilometers in length.

The reporter learned from the Shanghai Chengtou Highway Investment Co., Ltd. that the North horizontal channel 2 section will continue to pass through the central city of Shanghai, rail transit and Suzhou River with a smaller curve radius, becoming the most difficult stage in the entire project.

It is reported that the turning radius of the shield machine of the same grade is generally 1,000 meters, but the turning radius in some places in the North horizontal channel 2 segment is only more than 500 meters. Along the line, it will also pass through the subway lines 3, 7 and 11 that are in operation and the planned line 14. The shield machine will originate from Suzhou Hebei and cross the Suzhou River to the South, and then to the North. Cross the Suzhou River, It is equal to four times passing through the Suzhou River Flood Prevention Wall.

"The shield machine, which is equivalent to five or six stories high, must accurately turn and cross obstacles underground. This is a great test for construction. "Shanghai Chengtou Highway Investment Development and Construction Co., Ltd. related people said that because of the high difficulty, a diversion well was set up in Zhongshan Park. After the shield machine arrives, it will stop for a short time to analyze and judge the relevant data. The shield will then dig in the direction of Chang 'an Road.

According to the design plan, the section of the tunnel will be arranged into two floors, similar to the Bund tunnel. There are 3 lanes(including emergency parking belts) on each floor, with a lane width of 3 meters and a height of 3.2 meters.