2016 China International Conference on Urban Infrastructure Construction and Management

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The 2016 International Conference on the Construction and Management of Urban Infrastructure in China was held in Shanghai from November 17 to 18, 2016. Our company attended the conference at the invitation of the organizer.

The theme of the conference is: to carry the city's dream of building a better life. The guiding units are: China Civil Engineering Society, Shanghai Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Management Committee, and Shanghai Transportation Committee.

The conference was hosted by the Municipal Engineering Branch of the China Civil Engineering Society, the Shanghai Civil Engineering Society, the Shanghai World City Day Affairs Coordination Center, and the tunnel shares. It is co-organized by Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Urban Construction Design Research Center, Beijing Municipal Engineering Design Research Center Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Municipal Engineering Design Research Center.

The main content of the conference: Bring together the top experts and companies in the field of urban infrastructure construction and operation around the world, and will jointly focus on the outstanding contradictions that restrict the development of urban science, build cutting-edge technologies in the industry, and discuss new patterns of modern cities.