Korea Daewoo Engineering Construction Co. Ltd.. Come to visit our company

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On March 15, a delegation from Korea Daewoo Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. came to our company for inspection. The delegation was composed of three members: Mr. CHOI, Senior Tunnel Engineer; Mr. JONES, Tunnel Manager; and Mr. KHIN, Deputy Tunnel Manager.

During our visit, in addition to visiting our company, the two sides also conducted detailed exchanges and discussions on the technical issues of the joint project of the T216 standard section of the Singapore Metro Line, and confirmed the doubts between the two sides. The exchange took place in a relaxed atmosphere, and the discussion took place in a lively atmosphere.

After the investigation, the two sides of the guests happily took a photo.

Left, Mr. KHIN, right, Mr. CHOI.

The company's main leaders take photos with their clients