Jiangpu Road Crossing River Tunnel Plan to start construction of 38 rail interchange stations during the year

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According to the Shanghai Major Office's notice, according to the latest adjustment of Shanghai's major project plan for 2016 in early November, a total of 122 formal projects have been arranged this year, of which 42 new projects have been started and 15 have basically been completed. By the end of October, a total of 95.5 billion yuan had been invested in major projects in the city. Seven projects, including the Changjiang-Luyuejiang Tunnel, the Shanghai World Expo Museum, and the Jiabiao Elevated North-North Extension, were basically completed. Eight projects, including the First People's Hospital and the Minfengyuan River upstream of the Huangpu River, are being completed. It is planned to be completed one after another during the year.

In terms of construction, 19 projects such as the 12-inch pilot line project of the integrated circuit R&D center, the Shanghai Conservatory of Music Opera, the Shanghai Planetarium, the construction of public space on both sides of the Huangpu River, and the S3 highway were started; Twenty-three projects, including the Shanghai Archives, G320, and Jiangpu Road crossing the river, are pressing ahead with the preliminary work and are expected to start construction within the year.

There are also plans to open 38 rail interchange stations during the year

According to another introduction, the rail transit project that is basically planned to be completed in 2017 will be completed by the end of this year. All 26 stations of the rail transit project that was basically completed in 2018 were started, and the shield was advanced by 12.4 kilometers; The 49 stations of the rail transit project that are basically planned to be completed in 2020 will be started, and the other 38 stations will be started within the year.

In addition, in the area of municipal road projects, the Huyi Highway opened to traffic at the end of the year, and the key nodes of the North Cross Road were started. The main line shield plan started at the end of November; The shield machine of the West working well along the river tunnel of the river began to set off.