Excavation diameter 15.8 meters! China Railway Equipment will design and manufacture the largest diameter mud water balance shield machine in China

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Recently, China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "China Railway Equipment") officially won the award for the shield procurement project of the Shenzhen Spring Breeze Tunnel Project.

The winning equipment is a mud and water balance shield machine, which will be applied to the Shenzhen Spring Breeze Tunnel Project. The excavation diameter of the equipment is about 15.8 meters, and the entire machine is about 4,300 tons. It is about 140 meters long. This will be the largest diameter mud shield machine designed and manufactured by China itself so far. It will break the situation of foreign brands for many years and unify the world's oversized diameter shield. It marks the high-end design and manufacturing of China's shield machine. It is fully seizing the technical commanding heights of the world tunneling machine.

The ultra-large diameter mud-water balance shield has the characteristics of having a small impact on the surrounding environment, a high degree of factory operation, high precision of ground subsidence control, and high safety and speed, and has unique advantages in the construction of a series of cross-river cross-sea tunnels in China. It is a high-end equipment that has been developed in the "Made in China 2025" plan. Prior to this, the core technology of the ultra-large diameter mud balance shield machine has been monopolized by a few developed countries. In order to change this situation, China Railway Equipment Organization has an advantage in research and development teams and has broken through many core technologies. This equipment has assembled five innovative points: the integration design of ultra-high pressure bearing capacity system, the technology of atmospheric pressure changing knife plate, the retractable swing main drive technology, the pressure control technology of the double air road, and the high degree of intelligence, filling the gap in the development of the large-diameter mud balance shield machine in China.

It is reported that another Super large diameter(15.04 meters) Super large mud and water shield designed and manufactured by the China Railway Equipment Group will be launched in the near future.

It is understood that the spring breeze tunnel project is one of the major transportation projects of the "Dongjin Strategy" in Shenzhen City. It aims to ease the congestion situation that has existed for many years in the spring breeze elevated road and improve the traffic conditions of the Binhe Avenue-Luosha Road. The construction party of the project is the China Railway Tunnel Bureau Group. The tunnel will span the two districts of Futian and Luohu in Shenzhen. The project will start from the East side of Binhe Avenue in the West, dock with Binhe Avenue, East to the South Side of the rookie interchange, and link with the river. North Road has a total length of about 5.078 kilometers, of which the shield section has a total length of 3.583 kilometers.

The spring breeze tunnel passes through the subway line 9 Ludan Village Station pedestrian passage, Bujihe(50 meters wide), customs dormitory building, Dadan Building, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway Stock Road and Shenzhen Station, Shenzhen Border Inspection Dormitory Building and other buildings(structures). The shield needs to cross a total of 11 broken belts, with a total length of about 431 meters. The spring breeze tunnel is the first vehicle tunnel to open the shield construction in Shenzhen, and it is also the first "single-hole double-layer" motor vehicle tunnel in Shenzhen. It has an important influence and positive significance for enriching and improving the underground engineering construction technology in Shenzhen.