Wuhan Metro Zhifang Line will be opened on 28th and run through the first phase of Line 7.

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On December 26, Wuhan Metro Group officially announced that the opening time of Metro Paper Square Line will be 8:58 on December 28, and the first phase of Line 7 will be put into trial operation. At that time, citizens can go to relevant metro stations to "taste fresh".
       The paper square line of Wuhan Metro, also known as the South Extension Line of Metro Line 7, Phase II of Metro Line 7 and Line 27, is drawn from the Yezhihu Station of Phase I of Metro Line 7. It extends from north to south along Cultural Avenue and Wenhua Street. It passes through Hongshan District and Jiangxia District successively and stops at Qinglongshan Metro Town. It is about 17 kilometers long and consists of seven underground lines. The "Phoenix Orange" train is type A, with a maximum running speed of 100 kilometers per hour.
       After the opening of the Metro line, it will run through the first phase of Line 7, which will greatly shorten the time for Jiangxia residents to enter the main urban area of Wuhan. According to estimates, if you take the subway from the cultural Avenue area, you will arrive at Wuchang Railway Station in about 20 minutes, Zhongnan Business Circle in about 30 minutes, and Chuhe Hanjie in about 35 minutes.
       With the trial operation of the line, the opening mileage of Wuhan Metro will break through the 300 km barrier for the first time, reaching 305 km.