Hangzhou Metro Construction has been transferred to winter construction stage, Zhejiang Jiaotong Group has issued corresponding measures to ensure construction safety.

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       Hangzhou has officially entered winter. The construction of Hangzhou Metro has turned into winter construction stage.

At present, Hangzhou's urban construction is accelerating further. As a key project in Hangzhou, it is also a popular and livelihood project. The safety of subway construction has attracted much attention of the public.
       In order to ensure the construction period, although it is cold winter, construction units are still working overtime at the main station of Metro Line 7. According to the relevant provisions of winter construction, when the daily average temperature of outdoor is stable below 5 C for 5 consecutive days, winter construction will enter. The project manager of No. 7 Metro Line 8 in Yipeng Town, Dajiangdong Industrial Agglomeration Area, said: "Recently, the weather has turned cold, and the bidding section has turned into winter construction stage."
       Dry things in winter are more likely to cause fire. This section requires that flammable materials used in winter construction should be stored in safe places and kept dry and ventilated. The stacking spacing meets the requirements of fire protection, and supervised and inspected by a special person. Winter outdoor wind is strong, in order not to hurt people, when the wind reaches six or more levels, lifting operations are strictly prohibited; erecting poles, scaffolding, etc. must be checked regularly to ensure firm and reliable, before strong wind comes, thorough inspection and reinforcement should be carried out.
       "We will further establish the concept of safety development, put the initiative to prevent and mitigate risks in a more important position, carefully investigate the risk points of safety production in subway construction site, improve the real-time early warning ability, and strive to resolve risks at the source." Metro Line 7 8 project department director said.