Latest Progress in Construction of Backbone Metro Lines in Tianfu New Area

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       On December 5, along with the breaking of shield machine piles, the right line of Longdongshan Station-Pucaotang Station of the third phase of Chengdu Metro Line 6 was connected, which means that the first shield machine of this line has completed the excavation task.

       The third phase of Line 6 starts at Guandong Station (excluding), passes through the high-tech zone, Tianfu New Area and Shuangliu District. The whole project is L-shaped and stops at Lanjiagou Station (including) with a total length of 22.08 km. Eighteen stations (including Jianxi Bocheng Station) are laid underground.

       The third phase of Line 6 is the extension line of the first and second phase of its line. It connects the core plots of Tianfu New Area in series and is the "backbone line" of Tianfu New Area. In addition, the line also transfers with Lines 1, 5, 18 and later planning lines, which can encrypt the vertical connection between the central city and Tianfu New District together with Lines 1 and 5.