New developments in the construction of Xi'an Metro Line 4, the inspection work is smooth, and it is expected to open at the end of the year.

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       Xi'an Metro has already built three Metro lines. The most anticipated one is Line 4. The population of Xi'an has increased a lot of people with the change of settlement policy, so traffic is facing great pressure. Every day during rush hours, there are cars everywhere, and it is almost difficult to walk. Before 2008, Xi'an went to work, the word "traffic jam" just stayed in the north and developed in Guangzhou. Urban traffic jam in 2018 has become a common word in the mouths of people living in Xi'an, and the fast, safe and efficient subway is deeply loved by many people. At present, the construction of Xi'an Metro Line 4 is in a new state, and the inspection work is going smoothly. It is expected to open to traffic by the end of the year.

Rail transit has changed people's new understanding of region and time, greatly shortened people's travel time and shortened the distance between them. Line 4 of Xi'an Metro, as the second line in the north-south direction of Xi'an, is of great significance.
       Lines have operational needs, you and I come into line 4, the body is the international popular B-type stainless steel car body, the speed of the car can reach 80 kilometers per hour. The characteristics of Metro Line 4: safety, low noise, environmental protection, etc. have been upgraded in design, which conforms to international design standards.
       The color of Xi'an Metro Line 4 makes busy people feel a little refreshing. Every development in the city can not be separated from the accumulated precipitation. Now the inspection and acceptance of the whole line has come to an end, and the disabled people have experienced the barrier-free elevator last week. This provides the possibility for the opening of Xi'an Metro Line 4. Where does the subway go? Where will the construction stay? As the most important bearer of subway construction, Xi'an Metro makes passengers travel more stable and other cities come to Xi'an more convenient and fast.
       The fourth line of Xi'an city's urban traffic track is in the North-South direction. It passes through Qujiang New Area, Yanta District, Beilin District, Weiyang District and Economic Development Zone in turn. It has 29 seats, which is an important backbone line.