Dreams are getting closer and closer, and the construction of Huhhot Metro Line 1 is steadily advancing!

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In a twinkling of an eye, 2018 has only the last forty days left. The coming 2018 is a critical year for the construction of Huhhot Metro. On November 22, the reporter visited some construction sites of Metro Line 1 again, and saw that the construction of Metro Line 1 in Hohhot was steadily advancing through the efforts and cooperation of various construction units.

  Hohhot Metro Line 1 is the backbone line of East-West direction. It is laid along Xinhua Street. From West to east, Jinchuan Group, Jinhai Industrial Park, downtown, Ruyi Administrative Office Area, East Railway Station and Baita Airport are connected in series. The total length of the main line of Line 1 phase project is 21.932 km, including 18.42 km underground line, 3.212 km elevated line and 0.3 km transitional section. There are 19 stations, including 16 underground stations (including 4 transfer stations), 3 elevated stations, one section of the whole line, two main substations and one control center.
       Up to now, only Xilong Wangmiao Station, Xinhua Square Station Line 2 and Bayan Village Station are left in the 19 stations of Phase I Project for earthwork excavation and main structure construction. Among the other facilities, the single main structure of the three-room depot is basically completed, the main structure of the control center skirt building and two main substations is sealed, and the construction of external power supply routing is basically completed. Fourteen of the 16 shield tunneling intervals are double-line, two single-line and two single-line intervals are ready to receive; two main structures are capped in three open-cut intervals, and the remaining one is under construction; one undercut interval has completed its initial branch and is under construction of the second lining. Fourteen stations and five sections completed the acceptance of the main structure part and began the masonry construction after the station. Four track-laying bases entered the site and two began to lay tracks. There are 136 accessory entrances and air pavilions, 6 of which have been completed, 56 of which are under construction, and the rest will be started one after another.
       West Second Ring Road Station (formerly Jinhai Industrial Park Station) is the first station of Huhhot Line 1 Phase I Project. The station is located in the east side of the intersection of Xinhua West Street and Second Ring West Road in Huhhot City. It is laid in the East-West direction. It is an open-cut two-storey Island Station with a total floor area of 14097.85 square meters. There are four entrances and two entrances. Safe evacuation exit, two groups of wind pavilions.
       Niu Donghui, project manager of Hohhot Project Department of China Railway Seventh Bureau Group, introduced that the construction progress of West Second Ring Station is the fastest in the whole line, and 70% of the decoration and decoration projects have been completed at present; the installation of large and small system ducts and brackets is expected to be completed by the end of 2018; and the installation of large system fans is planned to be completed by the end of this month. The environmental control electronic control cabinet has been fully installed; all kinds of wind valves are expected to be installed before the end of 2018; the wall grooving and pipeline laying in the equipment area have been completed; the bridge and open distribution pipe installation has been completed 70% of the design, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018; the cable bridge in the public area has been fully installed; It is expected to arrive and be installed by the end of this month; the fabrication and installation of water pipe brackets in the station hall are completed; the installation of water pipe and pipe valves is expected to be completed by the end of 2018, and the pipeline pressure test will be completed. It is expected that the conditions for joint commissioning will be met in June 2019.
       The Sanjianfang Vehicle Base of Huhhot Metro Line 1 is located at the west end of the first phase of the Metro Line 1 project, in the areas of Dadongying Village and Sanjianfang Village of Tummet Zuoqi. The vehicle base covers an area of 543 mu, including 21 building units with a total floor area of 124548.91 square meters. Its function orientation is Huhhot Metro Line 1 and Line 2 overhaul base, and reserved Line 3, 4 and 5 overhaul. It undertakes the tasks of parking and train inspection, weekly and monthly inspection, scheduled and temporary repair and comprehensive maintenance, material warehouse, as well as the overhaul of all vehicles in the whole network of Huhhot Metro in the future and the training of staff of the whole network.
       "The construction of Sanjianfang Vehicle Complex Base was officially started on March 9, April 19, 24763 pile foundations were completed, the first single structure roof capping was completed on May 30, the first steel roof truss was successfully hoisted on June 25, the third storehouse structure roof capping was completed on August 30, and the construction of 15 main units was completed on September 30. The roof of the building structure is sealed. Speaking of the three-room vehicle base that he participated in, Liu Xiaolei, deputy manager of project production, said that the vehicle base was built according to the "5S" standard. Although the temperature is decreasing day by day, the construction of the vehicle base is still hot. The site has made preparations for winter construction. It is expected that the vehicle base will be built by the end of this year. Initial renovation and installation of doors and windows will be completed in the interior office building and the division complex building, which will provide office conditions for Metro operators to be stationed next year; the garage and joint maintenance garage will continue to construct the track in the garage, and the conditions for parking 10 metro trains will be met in the second quarter of next year.
       Huhhot Metro Line 1 Phase I track installation project has a total length of 69.668 km, starting from three-room depot in the West and extending eastward along Xinhua West Street to Baita parking lot. There are five track laying bases on the whole line. The track laying base of the three-room depot is responsible for the track laying from the three-room access line to the section of Xilongwangmiao Station. The track laying base of Ulan Chat is responsible for the track laying from the section of Xilongwangmiao Station to the section of Bojiang Station. The track laying base of Ulan Chat is responsible for the track laying from the section of Bojung to the section of Houta Gas Station. The paving base of tower air is responsible for the track laying from the rear non-tower gas station to Baitasi station section, and the paving base of Baita parking lot is responsible for the track laying from Baita parking lot to Baitasi station section.