Two key tunnels in Tongzhou Metro

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Reporters learned from Beijing General Residence Group that the section from Yunjing East Road Station to Wansheng Nanjie Xikou Station on No. 7 East Extension 02 and from Shiyuan Station to Global Theme Park Station on No. 01 South Extension of Batong Line have been connected at the same time recently. The two new lines are all suburban auxiliary subway projects, and are open for trial operation at the end of 2019.
       The East Extension Line 7 is 16.6 kilometers long and consists of 9 stations. It is the eastern extension line of the East-West key line 7 across the southern city of Beijing. The underground route is laid down along the middle road of the planned coking plant to the southeast through the Fifth Ring Road and then to the east. After the core area of the resettlement houses in Dougezhuang, the line continues to the east along the existing 10,000 routes, and then goes down through the Jing-Ha Expressway and Nandagou and enters the area of Tongzhou District. Tongzhou section of the line is laid eastward along Wansheng South Street and Qunfang South Street, and southward along the inner side of the Sixth Ring Road to enter the Global Theme Park Project and set up the terminal.
       This new line mainly serves the Global Theme Park project, and constructs the rapid rail transit links between the Global Theme Park and the foreign transportation hub. With the eastward extension of Line 7, the corridor connecting the central city with the southern part of Tongzhou New Town can be constructed to alleviate the pressure of the existing eight-way line and promote the development and construction of the functional areas such as Yuantou core area and Tongzhou cultural tourism area along the line.
       The shield tunnel between Yunjing East Road Station and Wansheng Nanjie Xikou Station is the deepest section of the East Extension Project of Line 7 with a total length of 1.8 kilometers. The shield machine receiving terminal of Wansheng Nanjie Xikou Station is a four-storey subway station with a depth of 29 meters, which is the deepest station of the East Extension Line of Line 7. The project manager introduced that the interval engineering stratum contains multi-layer groundwater, and the groundwater is abundant. In order to ensure the safety of the tunnel, the construction team communicates with the design unit in advance, actively dewatering, increasing the water stop tank and other measures to ensure the smooth tunnel opening of the shield machine.
       The South extension line of Batong Line starts from Tuqiao Station of Batong Line in the West and ends at the entrance of the Planned Universal Theme Park. The line is 4.45 kilometers long, with a north-south trend as a whole. The line can also transfer to intercity railway links, direct to the Capital Airport, Beijing Daxing International Airport, Shunyi, Huairou, Miyun, Pinggu, Langfang and other places. It is an important route to connect the cultural tourist areas of the prefecture. The extension line will connect the existing Batong Line and Line 7, mainly serving the residents along the Universal Theme Park and Tongzhou District. In the future, Shiyuan station will become the key site for the three line transfer in Tongzhou District. The intersection between Shiyuan Station and Universal Theme Park Station is the first intersection tunnel of the southern extension of the Batong Metro Line with a total length of 1369.7 meters.