Shijiazhuang metro construction is steadily advancing! Phase II of Line 1 will be operational in the first half of next year

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Recently, the municipal government issued a notice that in order to promote the construction of the second phase of Line 1 as a whole, it has decided to set up a leading group for the second phase of Shijiazhuang Urban Rail Transit Line 1, which will mainly study and solve the major problems in the promotion of the project, as well as the problems related to ensuring the 24-hour construction of the second phase of Line 1 under the early warning weather of air pollution. Ensure the operation of the second phase of Metro Line 1 in the first half of 2019.

Planning of Phase II Construction of Metro Line 1

       The second phase of Metro Line 1 starts from the first phase terminal of Line 1, Fenghe Avenue Station, and stops at Dongyang Station. It is laid along Qinling Avenue and Xincheng Avenue. The total length is 13 kilometers. There are 8 underground stations: Xizhuang, Dongzhuang, Convention and Exhibition Center, Administrative Center, Yuanboyuan Park, Tianyuan Lake, Dongshangze and Dongyang. The transfer station is 2. Seats, for the administrative center station and Tianyuanhu station; a Nanniu parking lot.

Latest Progress of Phase II Construction of Metro Line 1

       Up to now, the second phase of the Metro Line 1 project has five stations, namely: Dongzhuang Station, Exhibition Center Station, Administration Center Station, Yuanboyuan Station, Tianyuanhu Station; there are three sections to realize double-line connection, namely: Exhibition Center Station to Administration Center Station, Administration Center Station to Yuanboyuan Station, Yuanboyuan Station to Tianjin. Yuan Hu station. At the same time, the track laying work has been fully launched in June. At present, 2523 meters have been completed on the left track and 1443 meters on the right track. The left line from the administrative central station to the Tianyuanhu station will realize the "long track connection".