Shield construction of Xi'an Metro Line 9 crossing the Ba River

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On October 16, good news came from the front line of the construction of Xi'an Metro Line 9. After 72 hours of hard work, the shield tunneling project of No. 3 Left Line of Metro Line 9, constructed by China Railway Tunnel Bureau, successfully crossed the Bahe River.
       According to Hao Jinyin, the project manager, the Bahe River is a special complex geology, which belongs to sandy pebble beds, with a large number of 30-60 cm orphan rocks, drifting rocks and iron slab sand beds, and also belongs to water-rich strata. The buried depth of the tunnel in the Bahe River is only 12 meters, and the flow of the river is large. These factors bring tremendous risks and difficulties to the shield construction.
       Under the strong support and guidance of Xi'an China Railway Rail Transit Corporation and other parties, the China Railway Tunnel Bureau fully analyzed the geological characteristics, did a good job in project demonstration and equipment modelling, customized cutters and cutters, and carried out various special programs and emergency plans. Before crossing the Bahe River, the Ministry of Project held several special meetings to prepare for the inspection of shield equipment, coordination of dregs and soil transportation, training of professionals and inspection of emergency materials. During the construction process, the river surface is measured, monitored and inspected for 24 hours. Professional and technical personnel and operators of shield tunneling at the front line of construction rotate 24 hours, stick to their posts and continue construction. They successfully crossed the Bahe River in the early morning of October 15.
       Metro Line 9 (Lintong Line), which started construction at the end of 2016, is the first line in Xi'an to adopt PPP cooperation mode. The first phase of the project starts from the west of Textile City Station, along North Textile Road, West Blue Highway, Third Textile Garden Road, Tianhongzheng Street, Xitong Highway, Fenghuang Avenue, Shaangu Avenue, Qintang Avenue, East Huancheng Road, Dongguanzheng Street and Yinqiao Avenue. The end point is Qinhan Avenue Station in Lintong District, with a total length of 25.296 km and a total of 15 stations. There are 4 transfer stations at the textile city station and the subway line one and six.