New progress has been made in the construction of Nanjing Metro Line 7.

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Reporters learned from Nanjing Metro that at 20:00 on October 19, the left shield section of Luotang Street Station - Gaomiao Road Station on Line 7 was smoothly connected. On the 24 day of October, the portal steel plates were completely closed at night to complete the shield receiving work safely.
       The left line of Luotangjie Station-Gaomiaolu Station is 449.816 meters long. It passes through silty and fine sand stratum. Its geological condition is poor and groundwater is abundant. Water gushing and sand gushing and large-scale land subsidence are easy to occur in the course of excavation. It has been paid much attention since its inception.
       In order to ensure the safety of shield receiving, the steel sleeve is used to receive the construction technology. By controlling shield tunneling attitude, segment assembly quality, synchronous grouting and tunneling parameters, ground subsidence is effectively controlled, segment staggering rate is reduced, and zero leakage in tunnel is realized.
       The next step is to speed up the process transformation of shield tunneling, create conditions for the second start, strengthen the management of safety and quality red line, and ensure that shield tunneling construction is fully controlled.