Harbin subway construction is in full swing.

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At the end of the third phase of Metro Line 1, passenger test operation will be realized, all civil works will be completed in the first phase of Metro Line 2 this year, and all 19 stations in Southeast Half Ring will be closed at the end of the second phase of Metro Line 3. At present, the construction of Harbin metro line is in hot construction.
       Recently, the reporter came to the third phase of Metro Line 1, which is under construction, and saw that the project has entered the joint commissioning and testing stage before its opening. Metro trains will travel at different speeds, inspect the contact network and track under the electrified condition, and prepare for the joint commissioning and testing of Metro trains and other equipment. "There are five stations in the third phase of Metro Line 1, namely Tongjiang Road Station, Wapenyao Station, Jingbo Road Station, Bohai Road Station and Xinjiang Avenue Station. The total length of the station is 8.54 kilometers, and the main construction has been completed." Wang Hongxiang, the chief engineer of equipment department of Metro Group, said that after the joint commissioning and commissioning of equipment in the third phase of Metro Line 1, passenger test operation is expected to be realized before the end of this year.
       Similarly, Metro Line 2 is also a busy construction scenario. At present, "Songjiang No. 1" is excavating from Taiyang Island Station of Line 2 to People's Square Station. It is expected that by the end of November, the shield construction between Taiyang Island Station and People's Square Station of Line 2 will be completed, and the tunnel between Taiyang Island Station and People's Square Station will be opened. The relevant person in charge of Harbin Metro Group told reporters that the line links Hulan, Songbei, Daoli, Nangang, Xiangfang and other five districts in series. It is a cross-river line connecting both sides of the Songhua River and the main axis of passenger flow in Harbin. At present, 70% of the total civil works of Metro Line 2 have been completed, and the civil works are expected to be completed by the end of the year.
       Reporters at Jingyu Park Station in the Northwest Half Rim of Metro Line 3 saw that platform construction was being carried out here. Large-scale underground diaphragm wall grooving machine used grab to excavate soil. 150 tons of crawler crane carried steel bars. Workers were making steel cages. Li Honglong, deputy general engineer of the project department, told reporters that all the diaphragm walls of the station had been completed before the winter break, and the excavation of the foundation pit of the station would be started next year. It is understood that Metro Line 3 is the only link line in Harbin Metro planning. The route design starts from Hongqi Street in the east, through Tongxiang Street, Health Road, Hasi Passenger Station, Kang'an Road, Kazakhstan Yao Road, Youyi Road, Jingyu Street, and then to Hongqi Street, with a total length of 37 kilometers and 36 stations. Phase I of Line 3 was put into operation last year. Two semi-circular lines in the southeast and northwest of the second phase of the project are under construction. At present, 11 of the 19 stations in the southeast semi-circular have been capped. This year, shield tunnel construction will be the main project, and all 19 stations will be sealed by the end of the year. It is expected that the southeastern half ring will be opened for trial operation by the end of 2021. Preliminary preparations for the construction of the Northwest Half Ring Project have also been completed. This year, the construction of the station maintenance structure will be the main task, and trial operation is expected to start in 2023. The completion and application of the northwest half circle will also mark the two phase of the Harbin Metro Line 3.