Shijiazhuang Metro Line 1 two phase river crossing tunnel smoothly through

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This morning, after a year of crossing the New Town Bridge and the Hutuo River, the tunnel between Dongzhuang Station and the Convention and Exhibition Center Station of the Shijiazhuang Metro Line 1 Phase II Project, which is 3.4 kilometers long, has laid a solid foundation for opening to traffic in 2019. The tunnel is also the longest subway shield tunnel in North China.
       At about 10:00 a.m., as the huge knife-head rotates, the shield machine with the fragrance of ancient Hutuo River mud fresh out of the hole, announcing the smooth passage of Dongzhuang Station to the right of the Convention and Exhibition Center Station. The second phase of Line 1 is constructed by China Railway Construction North China Company, of which the Dongzhuang Station to the Convention and Exhibition Center Station is about 3.4 kilometers long. It is the longest section of all the projects under construction at present. The project is difficult, the construction cycle is long and the technical requirements are high. The shield tunneling method is used in this area, and the line is long and crosses the Hutuo River. It is the first time for similar projects in Hebei Province.
       Liu Lei, manager of the Shield Division of the Sixth Company of the 17th Bureau of China Railway, said that since the construction started on September 15, 2017, the two shield machines have been started from the Convention and Exhibition Center Station, and the left and right lines are excavated at the same time. After starting, the shield needs to cross the new city bridge and its ramp. The construction risk is higher and the difficulty is greater. For this reason, the construction party carefully organizes, optimizes the construction scheme, and applies the three-dimensional laser scanning monitoring, which solves the difficult problems of the difficult layout of the bridge survey points, frequent manual monitoring operation, more manpower input, larger monitoring error and so on, speeds up the construction progress, and smoothly crosses the New Town Bridge on January 13, 2008.
       "The next cross-river project will be a bigger test. Shield tunneling began on April 20 to the main channel, and by June 17, the left and right shield tunnels crossed the Hutuo River smoothly." Liu Lei introduced that the main channel of the Hutuo River is about 380 meters wide, the daily river water depth is about 3.5 meters, the flood season river water depth is about 5.5 meters, the main channel area of the river bed set up impervious layer. The shield tunneling section is about 470 meters in length, and has a long duration of penetration. It requires high settlement control and is difficult to construct waterproofing. In the construction of shield machine across Hutuo River, Shijiazhuang Metro and the construction party have arranged a strong technical force to pay close attention to the risk of crossing the river.
       In view of the fact that the main strata in the Hutuo River underground shield tunneling area are silty fine sand, silty clay, fine medium sand, medium coarse sand and pebble, the construction party adopts reinforcement and waterproof reinforced special segment during the construction of the tunnel across the Hutuo River, and carries out radial grouting with mud control effect during the shield tunneling process. Based on this, a high precision GPS river bed long-term monitoring technology is introduced. A series of measures to escort the tunnel through.
       It is reported that the second phase of Shijiazhuang Metro Line 1 begins at the first phase of Line 1, the terminal station of Yunhe Avenue Station, and ends at Dongyang Station. It is laid along Qinling Avenue and Xincheng Avenue. The whole length of the line is 13 kilometers. It has eight underground stations: Xizhuang, Dongzhuang, Convention and Exhibition Center, Executive Center, Garden, Tianyuan Lake, Dongshangze and Dongyang. Among them, 2 transfer stations are administrative center stations and Tianyuan Lake stations. Up to now, five stations have been capped, namely: Dongzhuang Station, Convention and Exhibition Center Station, Administrative Center Station, Yuanboyuan Station, Tianyuanhu Station; there are three sections to achieve two-way links, namely: Convention and Exhibition Center to Administrative Center Station, Administrative Center to Yuanboyuan Station, Yuanboyuan Station to Tianyuanhu Station; one section to achieve single. The line is through. At the same time, rail laying has been fully carried out, as of the end of September, the left track has been completed 3300 meters, the right track has been completed 3400 meters.
       In order to speed up the construction progress, the second phase of the construction of Shijiazhuang Metro Line 1 breaks the convention, makes every effort to tackle the key problems, dispatches daily, pushes forward the stubble, guarantees the 24-hour construction. On the basis of defining all the important time nodes of "Dongtong", "Rail Link" and "Telecom", the perfect matching and seamless connection between each process and personnel can be realized. The shield machine has also been increased from the original planned 5 to 9, and the track laying base has increased from 2 to 3. According to the current milestone plan, the second phase of the Line 1 project will be completed in November this year, and it is planned to be completed by the end of January next year. Then synchronously carry out equipment installation, decoration, vehicle commissioning and other work, and strive to open to traffic at the end of June next year trial run