China electric power construction investment and construction of Wuhan Metro Line 11 opens trial operation

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The first subway in the hinterland of Wuhan Guanggu passes through the city, and residents along the line are happy to ride the subway.
       From 9, the eastern section of line 11 will operate during the 6:30-21:30 period. The subway train with a speed of 100 km / h is only 32 minutes away from Guanggu Railway Station to Zuo Ling Station. After 1434 days, the subway stations with the decoration concepts of "Caiyi New Harbor, Tongdao Metro", "Streaming Colors, Zhihui Metro" came into view again. The subway with the color of "Yunhe Huang" came roaring. The ingenuity of China's electric power construction warmed the whole Wuhan Optical Valley.
       The eastern section of Line 11, from Guanggu Railway Station in the west to Zuoling Railway Station in the east, is 19.697 km long and underground. It mainly passes through Liufang District, Guanggu Central District and Zuoling Future City of Donghu High-tech Zone. There are 13 stations (including 3 transfer stations: Guanggu Railway Station and No. 2 Southern Extension Line and Intercity Railway, Guanggu No. 5 Railway Station and Planned Line 19, Future No. 3 Railway Station and Planned Line 9). There are 3 special stations: Guanggu Railway Station, Guanggu No. 5 Railway Station and Guanggu No. 7 Railway Station). There are 26 single line sections (including 24 shield tunneling sections). There will be one Changling Mountain depot, one future three main substation (110 kV voltage level, power supply for the east section of Line 11 and Line 9), and one Guanggu Line Network Control Center (shared with Lines 9, 13 and 19).