Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 has completed the three step in the construction of the four steps.

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With the successful power transmission of substation equipment in Orthopaedic Hospital of Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou rail transit line 5 project realizes AC communication. As one of the top ten livelihood facts of Zhengzhou in 2018, the construction of Line 5 has once again conquered the target of major node construction period. On the same day, the Henan Commercial Daily reporter saw the steel truss at the top of the underground one on the line 5 Qilihe station.

On the same day, Henan Business News reporter in line 5 Qilihe station to see, the top of the underground steel frame structure has been completed, not yet ceiling. The glass door between the subway track and the waiting area of the platform has been built, and the ground has not yet been bricked. The person in charge of the site construction introduced that the Qilihe Station of Line 5 is an island station with two stories underground. It is a transfer station between Line 5 and Line 4. Its main structure length is 491.52 meters, the width of standard section is 23.1 meters, and the total building area is 19252 square meters. The station has 3 entrances and exits and 2 groups of ground pavilions. At present, the station's construction and renovation plan has been determined, has completed the power supply, water supply and fire pipeline laying, the station is improving wind and hydropower and subsequent decoration work.
      In the construction of subway engineering, Dong Tong, rail transit, electric link and opening are four steps. The person in charge of Zhengzhou Metro Group said that on March 31 this year, the static power supply of the parking lot of Wulongkou of Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 was successful. On June 10, the whole line of Dongtong was realized, and on June 30, the whole line of railway was realized. Nowadays, Line 5 has achieved full-line AC communication, which will create favorable conditions for no-load commissioning by the end of the year.
      According to the introduction, in the other construction progress of Line 5, the catenary has been completed 92%, the ring network has been completed 98%, the evacuation platform has been completed 95%, the exchange has completed 96%, the stray current has been completed 80%, and the electric power monitoring has been completed 93%. In the next stage, Line 5 will carry out the joint commissioning and commissioning of power and lighting equipment, signal and communication equipment in the station, and the power supply and thermal sliding of catenary traction power supply equipment.
      Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 is the only loop in the planning of Zhengzhou Metro network. It is along the Yellow River Road, East Yellow River Road, Business Outer Ring Road, Longhu Outer Ring Road, Shenghe Street, Xinyi Road, Jingkai 10th Avenue, Hanghai Road, Tongbai Road and West Station Road. There are 32 stations, of which 18 are transfer stations. Line 5 connects with the new passenger station area, Zhengdong area, Jinshui area, northwest area, western service area, Central Plains 27 area, Guancheng area and Jingkai area, providing connection for the functional areas around the core area, and connecting and transferring with line 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 16 in the network. According to the plan, Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 will realize no-load trial operation at the end of this year and open passenger trial operation in the first half of 2019.