China independently develops the maximum diameter slurry balancing shield downline.

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In September 29th, China's independent development of the largest diameter slurry balancing shield downline ceremony was held in Zhengzhou, Henan.
      China Railway High-tech Industrial Co., Ltd. was informed that the largest diameter sludge balance shield machine designed and manufactured independently in China went off the line on the 29th. The 15.8-meter diameter and 5-storey high tunnel boring equipment is jointly developed by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group and China Railway Tunnel Bureau Group, and will be used in the Chunfeng Tunnel Project in Shenzhen.      

Ye Chao, an engineer of the Design and Research Institute of China Railway Equipment Group, introduced that the shield machine is a kind of special construction machinery for full-section tunnel tunneling, which integrates advanced technologies such as mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, sensing and so on. By using it, we can build a tunnel at the same time. The shield machine is 135 meters long and weighs 4800 tons. Its successful conclusion marks the high-end design and manufacture of shield machines in China.

Wang Dujuan, Chief Engineer of China Railway Engineering Equipment Group, introduced that in the process of R&D, China Railway Equipment Group has continuously innovated, breaking through a series of key technical problems in the development of 15-meter super-large diameter TBM (hard rock roadheader), and forming a technical reserve, which has fully possessed super-large diameter TBM (hard rock excavation) under complex geological conditions. R & D and manufacturing capability.
      Shenzhen spring breeze tunnel project is the first "single hole double deck" structure of the vehicle tunnel in Shenzhen. It has important influence and positive significance for enriching and perfecting Shenzhen underground engineering construction technology.