Shijiazhuang Metro Line 1 phase two project speed up

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On both sides of the Hutuo River, with flowers and plants growing and roads stretching, subway builders are working hard to connect the main city and Zhengding New Area with the second phase of Metro Line 1. Recently, Shijiazhuang Metro Line 1 Phase II project administrative center station to Tianyuanhu Station left line to achieve "long-distance rail links", the second phase of line 1 construction will run a better and faster subway speed, will also realize the Shijiazhuang people's desire to travel to add bricks and tiles.
      Reporters in the administrative center station to see that the station has been roofed underground is closely carrying out the track laying project. Rows of rails are hoisted into tunnels by large-scale machinery, and then connected and laid. The scene is busy.
      Construction site of phase two of Shijiazhuang Metro Line 1. Shijiazhuang Rail Transit Co., Ltd. for map
      Up to now, five stations in the second phase of Line 1 have been capped, namely, Dongzhuang Station, Convention and Exhibition Center Station, Administrative Center Station, Yuanboyuan Station and Tianyuan Lake Station, and three sections have been connected by two lines, namely, Convention and Exhibition Center Station to Administrative Center Station, Administrative Center Station to Yuanboyuan Station, Yuanboyuan Station to Tianyuan Lake. Station. At the same time, rail laying was fully launched in June. At present, the left track has been laid to complete 2523 meters, and the right track to complete 1443 meters. In September 8th, the administrative center stood on the left line of Tianyuan Lake Station to achieve "long rail links".
      The relevant person in charge of Shijiazhuang Rail Corporation said that the construction of Shijiazhuang Metro is progressing smoothly as a whole, especially the second phase of Line 1, which is a link project connecting the main urban area, high-tech zone and Zhengding new zone.          After opening, it will effectively promote the development of Zhengding new zone. The Municipal Rail Corporation attaches great importance to the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government for speeding up the construction of the second phase of rail transit line 1. Under the premise of ensuring safety and quality, inverted schedule, wall chart operations, weekly special dispatching meeting, careful deployment, optimization program, the implementation of 24 hours all-weather uninterrupted construction, timely solution of problems encountered. And through the solid development of the "double inquiry" work, "inquiry, expert inquiry" to study and formulate targeted measures to speed up construction, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties to ensure the smooth progress of the project construction.
      Construction site of phase two of Shijiazhuang Metro Line 1. Shijiazhuang Rail Transit Co., Ltd. for map
      Generally speaking, from the beginning of subway construction to the final opening of the subway, there are four steps, namely, Dongtong-Track-Traffic-Traffic. At present, the construction of the second phase of Line 1 is imminent. In order to better meet the growing travel needs of the people, Shijiazhuang subway will further boost morale, improve efficiency and speed up the construction by every means. First of all, the construction side increased the investment of large-scale equipment, the shield tunneling section increased from 5 shield tunnels to 9 shield tunnels, the underground excavation section from one lining trolley to 2, the track laying base from 2 to 3, and the track laying equipment from 4 to 6. Secondly, the main structure of the station and the construction of the section are carried out synchronously, the track is laid and the track is installed simultaneously. The tunnel passes through a section of the track into a section, the second lining of the station, the installation of equipment, decoration and other areas of cross-construction, in order to achieve the tunnel and rail as soon as possible. According to the current mileage plan, the second phase of Line 1 will be completed in November 2018, and the track will be completed by the end of January next year.
      It is reported that the second phase of Line 1 begins at the terminal of Line 1, Yanhe Avenue Station, and ends at Dongyang Station. It is built along Qinling Avenue and Xincheng Avenue with a total length of 13 kilometers. It is an underground line with 8 stations: Xizhuang, Dongzhuang, Convention and Exhibition Center, Administration Center, Garden Expo, Tianyuan Lake, Dongshangze and Dongyang. Two, for the administrative center station and Yuanhu station; set up a Nanniu parking lot; share control center with other rail transit lines.