Dredging technical briefings



Lakes and river dredging, can generally be divided into: pumping mud, staging and solid-liquid separation and water quality adjustment stage.

Our company USES the solid-liquid separation system research and development design, the whole system is divided into: early screening, primary vortex, secondary flow and pressure filtration dehydration, water playback, etc., can be effective to complete all river dredging project.

My company's advanced technology, equipment widely used in various kinds of engineering construction, and get a patent certificate issued by the intellectual property bureau of the ministry of economic affairs.

Day IQ of river channel dredging equipment advantages:

Screen: at the beginning of silt by grille sieve to remove debris and larger particles. Fragments can include grass, roots, leaves, cans, plastic, cloth and bottles.

Vibrating screen: depending on the river silt particle size distribution can provide single or double vibrating screen. Sieve body design for the adjustable Angle of the 5 ~ 15 screen can also choose type polyurethane or steel net, in order to cope with all kinds of different properties of river silt.

Primary cyclone: can according to actual situation of silt, use different size of the cyclone, in order to adjust the different cutting points, to achieve the best separation effect.

The situation of the secondary vortex: according to the sludge with different size of the cyclone, in order to adjust the different cutting points, to achieve the best separation effect.

Dewatering screen: according to different particle size, regulate the use of different vibrator, in order to achieve the best dehydration effect (after dehydration, the moisture content of 22% ~ 22%).

Day IQ of river channel dredging equipment technical characteristics:

1, mud treatment use area is small, processing speed is fast. Suitable for urban lakes desilting or highly developed river dredging on both sides.

2, in the process of using only a small amount of flocculant (only for hydrocyclone separation after LiuKou mud), the low degree of raw water damage, facilitate subsequent raw water recycling.

3, in the process of using mechanical dehydration, no mud, reduce improper material in the mud, with the possibility of water into a lake or river.

4, after mechanical dewatering of waste residue, moisture content is below 30%, the possibility of no secondary leakage, can be made and shipped.

5, waste residue after dehydration, due to the low moisture content, soil nutrients, is well preserved in can be applied immediately to backfill, or made into organic soil for plants or agricultural soil improvement.

Day IQ of Shanghai industrial co., LTD. Choose imported separation equipment, after many years abroad, experience rich, the level of secondary processing can fully achieve the effect, and make clear water recycling, less investment, high cost performance, it is the ideal choice to help you solve the tailings disposal problem.