High efficiency water washing filter press


As a solid liquid separation equipment, the filter press has been used in industrial production for a long time. It has a good separation effect and wide adaptability, especially for the separation of fine materials, and has its unique advantages. The filter press is a kind of intermittent solid-liquid separation equipment, which is designed and manufactured by the machine and the electric integration, and has a reasonable structure and simple and convenient operation. Can achieve the filter plate compaction, holding pressure, moving plate release and other processes. The chamber is composed of a box board, a box board, or a box board arranged by a box board. Under the pressure of the feed pump, the slurry is sent to the filter room and the solid and liquid are separated by a filter medium.

The technical advantages of high-efficiency and energy-saving filter press:

1. Adopt multiple rapid drawing plate system;

2, has a significant energy-saving effect;

3, equipment maintenance costs are low;

4, adopt strengthen the frame, the service life is longer.

The high-efficiency water washing filter press is used in the titanium white powder washing process. Compared with the traditional tank filter press, the single-machine cycle time is shortened by 50 %, and the water consumption of the ton product washing is reduced to 8-12 tons. The entire machine adopts a special design. The filter plate area is increased by 5 %.

The high-efficiency water washing filter press is applied to the White carbon black filtration water washing process. The entire cycle time is shortened to 40-50 minutes, and the washing water usage is only 15-18m3. In conjunction with our company's unique production process, white carbon black can be fully automated. production.

High-efficiency water washing filter press applied to dye, pigment production and other industries, can save 100 million tons of water per year? It's not a lie!