Mud and water separation equipment


The company has decades of experience in technical process design and engineering packages for water pollution control and sewage treatment projects, and has a well-experienced planning, design and research and development team to cooperate with the company's own mud water separation equipment and partners to provide advanced pressure filtration and dehydration systems. The company can provide users with a complete sewage treatment from the beginning of the design to equipment installation, commissioning, operation and other key engineering services.
Technical advantages:
1, sludge treatment particles up to 20 microns.
2, after the separation of sludge, the moisture content is not more than 28 ± 3 %. After landing, do not infiltrate water, keep the venue clean.
All equipment is centrally controlled by PLC and automatically stops with an abnormal warning(dual warning of sound and light).
4, all components are adopted at the highest level of products at home and abroad, repair, maintenance, failure rate to a minimum.