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The tailings of the mineral processing plant can effectively avoid the risks faced by the tailings Depot, and the area is small and the subsequent production cost is low. The tailings that are drained out can be used as building materials to increase the return on investment of the enterprise. The treatment plant is a large water user, and the utilization rate of tailings can reach more than 80 %. The advantage in the area with severe water shortage can obviously reduce the pollution to the environment.

Dedicated to dry tailings discharge design, efficient use of hydrocyclone separation and enrichment, cooperate dewatering screen ability of high-speed dehydration, perform the following features:

Can handle big flow of tailings water, the largest single flow can reach 800 tons /.

Recycling, minimum 20 microns (0.020 mm) powder of fine particles.

Unit investment cost, low and high returns.

High efficiency and low energy consumption.

Simple design, convenient maintenance quickly.

, do not need specialist operations.

, less waste, low maintenance cost.

Water content of the tailings particles after dehydration, low (below 25%).