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The real "tailored" dry drainage system:

1. Accumulated 15 years experience in slurry shield engineering supporting the professional design team, for the user in different strata structure and construction conditions, special planning and design of different mud separation system.

2. The main components in the system and adopt the international first-class brand products. Make equipment can in the most demanding environment, stable and efficient operation.

3. The experienced engineering team, at any time to provide operation and maintenance training and instant effective solution.

4. Equipped with remote synchronization monitoring, automatic control system for the distance construction provide consulting and ruled out of the problem immediately.

Dedicated to dry tailings discharge design, efficient use of hydrocyclone separation and enrichment, cooperate dewatering screen ability of high-speed dehydration, perform the following features:

Can handle big flow of tailings water, the largest single flow can reach 800 tons /.

Recycling, minimum 20 microns (0.020 mm) powder of fine particles.

Unit investment cost, low and high returns.

High efficiency and low energy consumption.

Simple design, convenient maintenance quickly.

, do not need specialist operations.

, less waste, low maintenance cost.

Water content of the tailings particles after dehydration, low (below 25%).