Wuhan Metro Line cross-river tunnel construction site


Developed by our company "platinum yuan" spate separation equipment in the number two subway in wuhan Yangtze river tunnel using the site.

Wuhan rail transit line no. 2: is China's first subway crossing the Yangtze river. Wuhan "liangjiang segmentation SanCheng four shore and great development of" distinctive economic geography characteristics, determines the city traffic is the biggest bottleneck of river-crossing transportation. Is China's first subway crossing the Yangtze river. To this end, the city planning of metro line 2, the first to solve urban traffic problem, across the river in ease of the Yangtze river first and second bridge traffic. Bear 50% bus river-crossing transportation passenger traffic line 2 first phase in August 28, 2006 formally started, from hankou evergreen garden, check Yu Wuchang lu lane. Predicts 2015, rail transit transport every day 1.26 million, metro line 2 take up half. On December 11, 2012, metro line 2 tunnel project through the review, was opened on December 28, 2012, trial operation.

Wuhan metro line 2 is China's first subway crossing the Yangtze river, the string of the Yangtze river on both sides of the evergreen garden, hankou railway station and wuhan plaza, jianghan road, central, streets, optical valley, such as the most prosperous commercial circle, gold is known as the wuhan metro line. The subway from the Yangtze river has most recently on 47 m, the shallow place also has 16 meters, is one of the largest subway domestic buried depth. Due to the complexity of wuhan urban geological conditions, the crossing mountains, buildings, lakes, Yangtze river high risk zone built subway, marked the subway tunnel technology has reached the international advanced level in our country.