Wuxi Metro Line 3 technical difficulty maximum section tunnel through

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The shield machine of the left line of Wuxi Railway Station has safely arrived at Wuxi Railway Station at the first phase of the Wuxi Metro Line 3 project, which has achieved the completion of the section tunnel with the largest technical difficulty of Metro Line 3.

Metro Line 4, which was constructed by the China Railway Tunnel Bureau Group, is marked with two stations and three sections, namely Wuqiao Station-Beizhikou Sanyuan Station, Beizhikou Sanyuan Station-Wuxi Railway Station, Wuqiao Station-Shengan Station, where Beizhikou Sanyuan Station-Wuxi Railway Station passes through the Beijing-Shanghai Railway and Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway. Wuqiao Station-Shengan Station passes through the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, which is the tunnel section with the most difficult and technical difficulty in the construction of Metro Line 3.

Liu Xiaobo, chief engineer of the No. 04 project of the Wuxi Metro Line 3 of the China Railway Tunnel Bureau Group, said that the Sanyuan area and the railway station area are densely populated with many buildings and do not have large-scale excavation conditions. Line 3 transfer station is located above Line 1, with the railway station and railway above, and the subway line that has been operated below. The impact on the upper and lower levels should be reduced as much as possible during construction. The shield machine runs along Xingyuan North Road and passes through the North Xinhe River with a small curve radius of 300 meters. After passing through the railway department and the residents 'related buildings, the shield machine crosses the old line of the Beijing-Shanghai Railway with a small curve radius of 300 meters. The intercity railway line, and then transferred to Xingchang North Road, To Wuxi Railway Station. The shield zone passes through the Beijing-Shanghai Railway and the Shanghai-Nanjing High Speed Rail, of which the Beijing-Shanghai Railway passes through 6 tracks, and the Shanghai-Nanjing High Speed Rail passes through 7 tracks and passes 170 meters in length.In addition, the interval construction curve has a small radius and a large slope, which requires extremely high attitude control of the shield machine. The soil quality of water-rich sand layer in the railway section under the interval further increases the difficulty of shield construction.

This time, the earth freezing and box + foam light earth shield receiving technology of "ice fire two heavy days" was adopted. The difficulty of construction lies in the convergence and conversion of the two processes. The temperature in the freezing construction of the soil will drop to minus 10 degrees, but the poured lightweight soil will release a lot of heat during the solidification, and the internal temperature of the lightweight soil will even reach 60 to 70 degrees. On the other side is the "furnace" and on the other side is the "ice cellar." The project department will reduce the time between the process of removing the frozen pipe and the cave door break to a minimum, and carry out scientific and technological solutions to the problems that may arise during the process of dismantling. During the construction of lightweight soil, the construction progress is controlled 24 hours, and the quality of the construction is controlled by sampling analysis, and the speed and quality are ensured. At present, the shield has been turned and the right line will start in July.