The 14 subway transfers are really coming! Construction of the river crossing tunnel started within the year

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The construction of the Nanjing Metro Line 5 project adopts the PPP model of cooperation between the government and social capital. It is also the first project in Nanjing to incorporate vehicles, traction, and signal systems into the construction scope of the PPP project company.

According to the plan, this line is planned to be completed by the end of 2021, by which time it will further optimize the travel of citizens and meet the needs of the public. Nanjing Metro Line 5, from the southeast to the Northwest, runs through Nanjing City. It is the urban subway trunk line and the most interchange line in the Nanjing Metro Network.

The line passes through Jiangning Dongshan Deputy City, Southern New City, Fuzimiao Regional Center, Wutai Mountain Sports Center, Beijing West Road Administrative Center, Shanxi Road-Hunan Road Commercial Street and Binjiang Business District. The total length of the line is 37.4 km, all of which are underground lines.

There are 30 underground stations, with an average distance of 1.26 km, of which 14 are transfer stations, which is the "king of transfer" in the network. According to earlier plans, the specific location and size of 30 stations were also disclosed.

The latest progress of river crossing channel of jianning West road! Make sure you cross the river by tunnel. The Jianning West Road crossing channel is one of the river crossing passages in the "Nanjing City Master Plan(2011-2020)" approved by the State Council.

The crossing channel is about 1.8 kilometers from the Yangtze River tunnel in the upper reaches and about 2.4 kilometers from the Yangtze River Bridge in the lower reaches. It directly connects the main city with the core area of Jiangbei New District, which is of great significance for the development of Jiangbei New District. It is also a diversion channel to ease the traffic pressure of the Yangtze River Bridge.

Jianning West Road crossing the river channel water drilling plan from May 26 to August 16, a total of 80 days. At present, with the cooperation of various departments, such as maritime and navigation channels, the exploration work has adopted the method of "stopping people without stopping" and construction personnel have fallen in shifts. As of June 20, 25 boreholes have been drilled, including 12 in the main channel and 13 in the non-main channel. With 57 % of the total drilling, the entire water drilling work is scheduled to be completed by July 30, 16 days earlier than originally planned.

The director of the Technical Department of the Municipal Public Construction Center, Guozhiming, introduced that after the demonstration of the bridge and tunnel experts, the Jianning West Road crossing was identified as a tunnel crossing. The total length of the crossing channel is 7.8 kilometers, of which the crossing section is 4.3 kilometers long. The diameter of the tunnel shield is 14.5 meters, and the tunnel is a two-way six-lane road. Water drilling mainly determines whether there are bad geology such as caves and fault zones to ensure the safety of tunnel construction.