Fuzhou metro line 2, has entered the no-load trial operation stage, fare standards announced

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In the recent years, the subway has been gradually popularization, especially relative to economical more developed city, the subway is a people live means of transportation, and because the fare relatively, everyone is able to accept, won't appear congestion situation, also become the choice of most people, fuzhou is no exception. In recent years, the economic level of fuzhou has seen a significant rise, and the passenger volume it needs to carry is also becoming larger and larger. Therefore, the subway network line in fuzhou is also something that fuzhou has been planning in recent years.

   Metro line 2 is in order to further improve the fuzhou subway lines and one line of the planning, fuzhou fuzhou of metro line 2 is the main scope of the main east-west rail line 52 km, total station, 35, has been conducted in January this year, finally the subway lines in the near future there is the latest news, predict to be finished before May 1st this year, which can be launched, formal business operations, and announced the fuzhou subway line 2 subway fares.

Fuzhou metro adopts the fare system of mileage section pricing. The starting price is 2 yuan within 5 kilometers, and within 5-15 kilometers after 5 kilometers, 1 yuan will be charged for every 5 kilometers, and 1 yuan will be charged for every 7 kilometers within 15-29 kilometers, and 1 yuan will be charged for every 9 kilometers over 29 kilometers. In other words, the lowest ticket price of this subway line is 2 yuan, and the highest ticket price is only 7 yuan. Generally speaking, the ticket price is reasonable and conforms to the basic price level of the local. It is also said that there will be many beautiful sceneries along this subway line, and local citizens can have a look at it as soon as the subway line is opened.

Fuzhou subway line 2, not only to further improve the fuzhou subway line, the direction of the main things for fuzhou transportation pressure will produce great effect, especially for the various transportation hub of the main lines are connected, can play a certain guidance and the dispersion effect, to guide and strengthen took to the streets in university town as well as industrial and residential areas, also has a very important role.