Construction of Nanning Metro Line 5 will "cross" Yongjiang River

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Recently, the Left-Line shield machine of Nanning Metro Line 5 from Wuyi Interchange Station to Xinxiu Park Station (hereinafter referred to as "Wuxin Section") started smoothly at the end of the major mileage of Wuyi Interchange Station. Nanning Metro will pass another line after Line 2 through Yongjiang River. There are 65 houses under the influence of the construction of the section, of which 27 buildings are crossing, which are the most buildings in the construction history of Nanning Metro.
       According to reports, the length of the left line of the "Wuxin Section" tunnel of Nanning Metro Line 5 is 2091.891 meters, the length of the right line is 2098.086 meters, and the total length is about 4190 meters. "Wuxin Section" line from the northern end of May 1 interchange station, into the underpass dense building complex, successively through Vietnam Ningxia Bicycle General Factory, Xinfu Shoe Material Yard, Lijiang Garden District, May 1 Middle Road School, Sanyuan District, Dibao District and other old brick-and-concrete residential buildings, shield tunneling risk is extremely high, protection pressure is very prominent.
       "Considering the early construction and poor structural form of the houses, in order to ensure the safety of the projects and residents, we decided to temporarily evacuate the staff of eight buildings in the living area of Nanning bicycle general factory, which is buried in shallow depth and with the worst structural form, and then organize the residents to resume their residence after the shield structure has passed through successfully and monitored no abnormalities." Meng Qingjun, deputy general manager of Nanning Rail Transit Group Construction Branch, said.
       In addition, the construction length of Yongjiang section in the "Wuxin Section" is about 400 meters, and the stratum is composed of mudstone and siltstone. The Yongjiang section is a drinking water intake point in Nanning City and has navigation requirements. Therefore, ensuring the safety and speed of the construction of Yongjiang section is an important and difficult point of the project. In this regard, all parties involved in the construction of the Yongjiang section before the completion of the completion and topographic scanning operations, the need for pre-processing of the strata in advance, understanding the detailed survey and completion of the hole sealing effect, in the construction process of real-time monitoring of relevant data and timely response to ensure the smooth realization of the underpass of the Yongjiang River.
       On the basis of summing up the construction experience of Nanning Metro Line 2 and Line 3, the first air cushion direct sludge discharge-earth pressure double-mode shield machine in China has been used in Nanning Metro Line 5 to further improve the construction efficiency and quality and ensure safety. Meng Qingjun said that the "Nanning built" shield machine is a milestone in overcoming the engineering problems of Nanning Metro Line 5.