Fuzhou Accelerates No-load Trial Operation of Metro Line 2

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Speeding up the construction of the subway and connecting the lines to the network as soon as possible is the people's earnest expectation of Fuzhou Metro. On January 20, Fuzhou Metro Line 2 entered a three-month no-load trial operation. The Information Office of Fuzhou Municipal Government held a press conference on the 21st to introduce the progress of Line 2 project.
      Fuzhou Metro Line 2 began to relocate at the end of 2014, and the whole line station started construction in 2016, with a total length of about 30 km.
      Yang Xinjian, Vice Mayor of Fuzhou City, said that in the face of the high difficulty of the construction of urban main passenger corridor and the complicated and changeable geological conditions of two crossings of the river, the subway builders overcome many difficulties and scientifically used the freezing method to open the escape passage between Ziyang Station and Wuliting Station, setting a record of the longest subway connection passage in the country of 66 meters; and optimizing the crossing scheme to make the shield machine safely and smoothly cross the river. Over the Wulong and Minjiang rivers.
      Fuzhou Metro Line 2 is the backbone of the East-West main axis of rail transit, with 22 stations laid underground. It crosses with Line 1, which has been opened and operated. It transfers to Line 1 at Nanmendou Station. It crosses Minhou County, High-tech Zone, Gutai Core Area and Jinan District. It connects the major cultural and research areas, major industrial areas, historical and cultural centers and large residential areas in series.
      Relevant officials pointed out that Fuzhou Metro Line 2 plays an important role in alleviating the traffic pressure from east to West in Fuzhou Central District, guiding and consolidating the development of Shangjie University City, Science and Technology Zone, Jinshan Industrial Zone and Jinshan Residential Area, and helping to build a happy city.
      Fuzhou Metro Line 2 is operated by Fuzhou Zhongdian Rail Transit Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongdian Section"). According to Ye Chenli, general manager of Fuzhou Metro Group Co., Ltd., at present, there are 1182 employees in China Electric Power Section. They basically meet the needs of line operation. They are carrying out basic work such as personnel training, forensic induction and so on. They are fully prepared for the follow-up trial operation evaluation and drill.
      At present, 25 metro vehicles are in place. In order to speed up the running-in between the staff and the personnel and equipment system, the operators of China Electric Power Section started the temporary takeover of the platform at the end of last year, and now 20 stations have completed the handover from civil construction to operation.

Chen Xuenong, deputy general manager of Fuzhou Metro Group Co., Ltd., introduced that the station design of Line 2 of Fuzhou Metro is the same as that of the train. The theme of "Green Rongcheng Qingxin Fuzhou" is "Green Rongcheng Qingxin Fuzhou". It is inspired by the tree banyan tree and the city jasmine flower in Fuzhou. It is the "Happy Red" of Line 1 that forms the theme image of Fuzhou Metro.

Next, Fuzhou Metro will speed up the completion of the whole line entrance and exit sweeping project, gradually remove the enclosure and adopt the "roll carpet" working method, actively cooperate with relevant departments directly under the city, strive to basically complete the road surface restoration and green replanting in March, and improve the quality of life of the citizens along the line.