Qingdao metro construction has made new progress: Line 1 is about to start renovation.

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      Metro Line 1 works mainly through the Yangtze River Road, Binhai Road, Feixian Road, Jiaozhou Road, Renmin Road, Siliu South Road, Xinghua Road, Chongqing Road, Fenggang Road, Zhongcheng Road, etc., with a total length of about 60 km.The bidding contents include the whole process supervision and service of the station, section (including air shaft) and the electromechanical installation works (including ventilation, air conditioning and heating, water supply and drainage and fire protection, power lighting, escalator) within the scope of the bid section, and the decoration works of the station public area, track area, entrance and exit and other ground buildings (including public area decoration, etc.). Guided identification system, advertising, commerce, public works of art, lighting, station public facilities, etc., equipment area masonry decoration, doors and windows decoration, ground building installation projects (including entrance and exit canopy, ground wind pavilion, etc.) the whole process of supervision services.
      The contents of supervision include the whole process supervision services of various projects within the scope of supervision, including but not limited to the supervision work of equipment, arrival and acceptance of goods, site debugging, test inspection and handover, as well as detailed design stage (design liaison, factory inspection, etc.), construction preparation and construction period, debugging and commissioning period, acceptance and completion settlement of accounts. To the final acceptance of the whole process of supervision services, quality assurance period supervision services and project completion settlement audit and coordination related work. To supervise, manage and assess the BIM application of the construction unit in accordance with the requirements of the tenderer, including but not limited to the progress, quality, coding, processing and application of the model.