High Speed Mud and Sand Separator (300-600 m³/h)


The equipment of resource recovery plant occupies less land and the cost of follow-up operation and maintenance is low. For example, for tailings treatment, dry-discharged sand and gravel can be used as building materials to increase the return on investment of enterprises; concentrator is a large water user, the utilization rate of tailings treatment return water can reach more than 80%, the advantages in serious water shortage areas can significantly reduce environmental pollution.

True "tailor-made" drying system:

1. Professional design team accumulated 15 years experience in mud shield engineering, specially planning and designing different mud separation systems for users under different stratum structures and construction conditions.

2. The main components of the system adopt international first-class brand products, Let the equipment operate steadily and efficiently in the harshest environment.

3. Experienced engineering team, at any time to provide customers with operational maintenance training and immediate and effective solutions.

4. The automatic control system is equipped with remote synchronous monitoring, which can provide immediate consultation and troubleshooting for customers in remote construction.

It is specially designed for tailings dry drainage design. With the high efficiency separation and concentration of hydrocyclone and the high speed dewatering capacity of dewatering screen, the following characteristics can be brought into play:

- Treatment of large-volume tailings wastewater, 300-600 cubic flow/hour

Recoverable fine particles up to 74 microns.

The unit investment cost is low and the rate of return is high.

High efficiency and low energy consumption.

The design is concise and the maintenance is convenient and fast.

There is no need to operate by someone.

Less wastage and low maintenance cost.

The moisture content of dehydrated tailings is very low (below 25%).

Shanghai Tianhao Industrial Co., Ltd. chooses foreign imported separation equipment. After years of use abroad, it has rich experience. First-class and second-class treatment can fully achieve the above effect, and make clean water reuse, less investment and high cost-effective. It is the ideal choice to help you solve the tailings treatment problem.