Energy efficient filter


Filter press as a solid-liquid separation device, applied to industrial production has a long history, it has good separation effect, wide adaptability, especially for the separation of fine materials, stick has its unique superiority.

Press filter is a kind of intermittent solid-liquid separation equipment, adopt mechanical and electrical integration design and manufacture, reasonable structure, simple and convenient operation; Can realize the filter plate pressure, pressure release, plate and so on various working procedure. By van plate, plate and frame filter box type or composed moving room, van plate is arranged under the effect of feed pump pressure, the slurry into the filter chamber, through the filter medium, separate the solid and liquid.

High efficiency and energy saving of filter press technology advantage: 1, several times with rapid pull board system; 2, with remarkable energy saving effect; 3, equipment maintenance cost is low; 4, by strengthening frame, long service life.

High efficiency and energy saving pressure filter is widely used in municipal sewage treatment, paper making, printing and dyeing wastewater, such as chemical industry, sewage treatment mill wastewater treatment, tunnel mud, dry river dredging and beneficiation, tailings row processing and other projects in the project.

My company in the project choose domestic well-known filter press manufacturer of filter press, filtering effect first-class, won the general customer trust and praise.

The following is the filter press filter after the formation of the filter cake: