Construction of Changsha Metro Tunnel will use robots for the first time

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The construction of a self-propelled remote-controlled demolition robot in Liugong District of Changsha Metro Line 6 has recently been introduced from abroad. It is expected that it will be put into operation in September this year. This will be the first time that robots have been used for construction of Changsha Metro Tunnel.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Liugong District of the Changsha Metro Line 6 of the China Construction Tunnel, the robot is a hydraulic demolition device produced by a well-known Swedish company and can be used in building demolition, rescue and rescue, nuclear energy, high-risk, cement and metallurgy. industry. "It has the characteristics of remote control, safety, environmental protection, high efficiency and good performance. The person in charge said that the multifunctional demolition robot can be 360-degree "free rotation", wireless remote control control, compared with the traditional excavation machine construction, has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection and efficiency. At the same time, it works without noise, no vibration, no dust, and no exhaust gas. It is very environmentally friendly because the robot uses remote control operations, which adds a heavy guarantee to the safety of on-site construction.

It is reported that construction site management information integration is an inevitable trend in the construction field. Face recognition, fingerprint storage and other technologies and the introduction and application of multi-functional demolition robots, Changsha Metro Line 6 two-standard six project continues to use "black technology" armed sites, starting from the actual situation of site safety and construction, to create smart construction sites. We will help China's five-bureau infrastructure projects to take the lead.