Shanghai Tianhao is about to appear at the 13th Queensland Mining Exhibition in Australia

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Introduction: QEM is the most important mine machinery exhibition in Australia in 2018 hosted by the Innovation Group. The exhibition is held every two years. The exhibition is organized for the growing mining machinery requirements and engineering construction industry in Australia. Each session has attracted the participation of companies from all over the world who are committed to participating in the development of the Australian mining resources, energy and mining machinery and equipment market.

Australia is rich in mineral resources. It is an important producer and exporter of mineral resources in the world. Australia's mining investment environment is stable and its policies are open. The mining resources industry has developed rapidly. Queensland is located in the northern part of the Australian mainland. By Area Queensland is Australia's second largest continent, rich in mineral resources.

The exhibition will highlight two core equipment in mud treatment equipment: fine particle recycling machine and ultra-fine particle recycling machine. In addition to the Shanghai Tianhao service team, the exhibition site is also equipped with an ultra-fine particle recovery equipment model. This will be in conjunction with the exhibition's focus on the display of Tianzhu Industry in the tailings dry row, shield top pipe mud water separation, river dredging and other fields in the past few years. Successful application of mud treatment systems.

Exhibition time: July 24-26, 2018
Location: MacKay showgrounds, Queensland, Australia
Exhibition cycle: once every two years
Exhibit number: A226
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