The construction of Nanjing Metro Line 5 steadily promoted the smooth start of the first shield machine

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This morning, the Nanjing Metro Line 5 ushered in the core node-the first shield "beyond" shield machine on the entire line successfully originated in the Jiyin station-Jiulonghu station section(hereinafter referred to as the Ji-Jiu section) of the TA01 standard section. This marked a phased victory for the entire project and entered a new construction peak.

Nanjing Metro Line 5 adopts the PPP cooperation construction model. It is the first subway line built in Nanjing using the PPP model. It is jointly constructed by the government and the PPP project company, and the two sides have complementary advantages. Provide quality public goods and services to the public at the most effective cost. The PPP project company is composed of the World Top 500 Enterprise Greenfield Holding Group Co., Ltd. and the Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd. consortium and the Nanjing Metro, providing multiple guarantees for the investment, financing, construction, and operation management of the project.

It is understood that the total length of the left line of the Ji-Jiu section tunnel is 1191m; The total length of the right line is 1178m; The total length of the double line is 2369m. The project uses two soil pressure balance shields to originate from Jiyin Avenue Station and dig into the end of Jiulonghu Station. Interval tunnels need to penetrate some buildings and underground pipelines, including airport expressway bridges, high-voltage lines, municipal pipe networks, thermal pipelines, military communications cable river pipelines, and airport highway bridges. The foundation and pile foundation, etc., are complex in the surrounding environment and difficult in engineering. In order to ensure the smooth origin of the shield, the Green Land Group, the Shanghai Tunnel, and the Nanjing Metro cooperated with each other and each exhibition director. Through advanced planning, he grasped the key nodes and carefully organized it to lay a solid foundation for the origin of the shield machine.
The construction of Metro Line 5 will bring many benefits to Nanjing's urban space development. On the one hand, it can further ease the traffic pressure in the main urban area and promote the integration of transportation systems along the route;On the other hand, it will comprehensively promote the development process of the superstructure along the 5th line to help the city's multi-dimensional development.