Shanghai Tianhao Sign New Tangshen Line T216 standard section muddy water treatment project

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Yesterday, our company and South Korea Daewoo Group formally signed in Singapore the Singapore Metro T216 standard section mud-water treatment project cooperation agreement, which is the second mud-water treatment project we signed in Singapore after the T206 standard section of the Thomson Line.

The T216 standard section starts from Mount Pleasant Station(TS10) to Napier Station(TS12) in the North, runs through Stevens Station(TS11), and has a total length of approximately 3.1 km. The T216 project is the longest distance project in the Thomson Line project. Four shields are required to excavate at the same time. The project is the largest of the Thomson Line. The geological conditions of the T216 project are the most complex geology of the Thomson Line. A large amount of clay layer geology can easily cause congestion of the screening net. Therefore, in order to ensure that the progress of the shield does not affect the progress of the shield, the Singaporean government's selection of muddy water treatment equipment is unprecedented. The severity of. The T216 project runs through Singapore's most high-end capitalist gathering areas, school campuses, and residential areas, making noise prevention and control issues and environmental protection issues among the Singapore government's considerations. The requirements are the highest on the Thomson Line.