Three years later, the subway will reach Shenzhen Bay Port! New progress has been made in the construction of the "most difficult" line in the history of Metro

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January 15, 2019 Xin Shenzhen Rail Transit Phase IV Construction and good news: Line 13 Talent Park Station entered the main enclosure construction stage. Reporters have learned that Line 13 is a regional express line connecting Shenzhen Bay Port and the public, which will be opened in 2022. At that time, citizens can directly reach Shenzhen Bay Headquarters Base and Shenzhen Bay Port by subway.
       Shenzhen Metro Line 13 is the fourth phase of rail transit and one of the major livelihood projects. From the south, Shenzhen Bay Port is mainly laid along Keyuan Avenue - Tongfa Road - Shahexi Road - Gem Road - Tianxin Avenue. It passes through Nanshan District and Baoan District from the south to the north. The line is about 22.45 kilometers long and has 16 stations, including Shangwu North Station, Gem Road Station, Luorent Station, Yingren Stone Station, Baimang Station, Liuxiandong Station, Shigu Station, Xili Railway Station, Songping Station, Kexing Station, Shenda Station, Shenda East Station, Keyuan Station, Houhai Station, Dengliang East Station and Shenzhen Bay Port Station.
       Among them, there are 12 transfer stations and the whole line is underground. Extension conditions are reserved at both ends of the line. Along the line, there are parking lots in Inner Lake. The access line is connected with Houhai Railway Station. At the same time, it needs to cross the already operated metro lines 1, 2, 5 and 11. It is called one of the most difficult routes in the history of Shenzhen Metro construction.
       At present, the greening and migration work of the whole line is progressing smoothly, 84% of the trees have been transferred, 17 construction sites have been carried out, and 10 construction sites have entered the main construction stage. Among them, the talent Park station formally entered the main enclosure construction stage. Shigu Station's deep foundation pit was excavated formally, and became the first main structure of the deep foundation pit excavation station on Line 13.
       It is worth mentioning that Talent Park Station is located in the reclamation area. There are thick silt and rockfill layers in the area. The silt layer has a large water content, and the soil is soft and easy to collapse. In this regard, the relevant units of the Municipal Metro Group organize grooving construction by comparing and choosing, planning feasible schemes, and combining various construction methods scientifically. In early January this year, the first lifting of reinforcement cage of diaphragm wall was successfully completed. The completion of this construction of reinforced concrete diaphragm wall lays a solid foundation for the follow-up project construction.
       Line 13, as a regional express line connecting Shenzhen Bay Port and Mingming, will further ease urban traffic pressure. At the same time, it will connect Nanshan Shenzhen Bay Headquarters Base, Science and Technology Park, Xili High-speed Rail Hub, Liuxiandong Headquarters Base, Baimang Scientific Research Institution and Baoan Shiyan Area in series to become an important transportation line in the east of the west, which is of great significance to the development of Shenzhen Urban Rail Transit and the urban planning of the whole southern part of Shenzhen.