New progress has been made in metro line two, from Longcheng Street West Station to central street west station right line shield.

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October 23, Shanxi Evening News reporter learned of the latest progress of Taiyuan Metro Line 2, Longcheng Street West Railway Station to Central Street West Railway Station right-hand shield through, the smoothly capped Tiger Camp Station.
On October 22, the shield tunneling section of the 204 bidding section from Longcheng Avenue West Station to the right line of Central Street West Station was completed by the China Railway Fifth Bureau, which laid a solid foundation for the "Dongtong" of the whole line at the end of the first phase project of Line 2.
      The 779.3-meter-long section from the west station of Longcheng Avenue to the right line of the west station of Central Street is constructed by shield tunneling. The number of segments is 650 rings. The shield machine crosses Longcheng Avenue, which is the risk source of Class II. The shield machine started from Jiajie Station on on May 16, 2008 and lasted for 5 months. Next, the shield machine "Longteng 1" will be dismantled out of the well, after equipment renovation into Longcheng Avenue West Station to Central Street West Station left construction.
      The station, located in the old city, has become one of the key control projects of the whole line, because it crosses the intersection of Jiefang Road and East-West Jiehuying Road, and combines with Jiefang Road to rebuild the viaduct. Station capping was achieved in October 8th.
The station, 268.6 meters long, is a double-column and three-span frame structure. The underground two-storey island-type station is 22.7 meters wide. Because of the combination of the reconstruction of viaduct along Jiefang Road, the excavation depth is up to 22 meters, and the water level is down about 21 meters. There are about 130 thousand earthwork excavation stations, and the main structure is about 28 thousand concrete casting. Next, the construction process of the station will be swiftly changed to speed up the construction of the station's internal structure and ancillary structure.