Nanjing Metro announces construction of 6 lines S8 South extension is expected to be completed in 2020

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Dragon and Tiger Network News (Reporter Zhou Caiyun) Today (September 12), Nanjing Metro announced the construction of six subway lines, involving Line 5, Line 6, Line 7, Line 1 North extension, Line 2 West extension, S8 South extension. The specific circumstances are as follows:

 Line 5: the main structure and accessory structure of Jianning Road station have been completed. PPP project is carrying out pipeline alteration, green migration and demolition and other preliminary work, qualified sites to start civil engineering construction, a station to complete the main body, 15 stations are carrying out envelope construction, two shield tunnels started.

Line 6: Preliminary work is currently underway, such as work can be submitted for approval. Civil engineering construction is under way at Wanshoucun station of pilot section.

Line 7: the leading section of the lo Tong Street station has completed the main structure. The construction of the main structure is being carried out at the high temple road station. The remaining sections will gradually start construction along with the demolition work, and 16 stations have begun local civil engineering construction. The 1 shield started.

Line 1 North Extension: The first phase of the envelope of the Second Bridge Park Station in the pilot section has been completed, and the second phase of the envelope is temporarily unable to be constructed due to demolition. Three other stations are carrying out partial envelope construction. The rest of the section started gradually with the promotion of demolition work.

Line 2 extends westward: Line 2 extends westward from Yuzui area, and connects with line 2 after crossing Pingliang Street. The total length of the line is 5.4 km, of which the ground segment is 0.2 km and the underground section is 5.2 km. A total of 4 stations, namely Yuzui Station, Tianbao Street Station, Qinglian Street Station and Luotang Street Station, are all underground stations, with an average distance of 1.35 km, including 2 transfer stations. After completion, the West extension of Metro Line 2 will be transferred from Yuzui Station to Line 9 and from Luotang Street Station to Line 7. The line may be approved on 28 May, is carrying out tenders and other preliminary preparations for construction, pilot section Luotang Street Station is carrying out civil engineering construction.