Investment 800 million main line length 3946 meters, Gansu Tianshui to three Yang Chuan tunnel is about to start construction.

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In recent years, the construction of municipal roads in various parts of Gansu Province has been constantly improving, and the construction of each road has further impelled the improvement of Gansu road network. Recently, Gansu Tianshui Lugang Construction and Development Co., Ltd. entrusted China Jing International Bidding Group Co., Ltd. to implement the Qinzhou District to Sanyangchuan Tunnel Project (Phase I) in Tianshui City. The announcement of the successful bid has been released. China Railway twenty bureaus group limited won the bid with a price of 746 million 263 thousand and 422 yuan.

Tianshui Qinzhou District to Sanyangchuan Tunnel Project is invested by the government. The main line of the project is 3946 meters long and the total investment is 800 million yuan. The project starts from Qinzhou District to Yingbin Road. The New Tunnel links Huangcheng Road through interchange. The new tunnel crosses Beishan and builds interchange between Weihong Village of Maiji District and Megan Grade II Highway. The first-class highway technology is adopted. Standard two way 4 lanes, designed speed of 60 km / h. The duration is September 1, 2018 -2021 September 1st, a total of 1095 calendar days


At present, the project from bidding to successful bidding is also progressing smoothly, the smooth progress of the project construction announcement has further accelerated the construction of the tunnel from Qinzhou District to Sanyangchuan in Tianshui City, from the planned construction period and the announcement of winning the first-stage project construction also further indicates that the project will start construction in September 2018.

After the completion of the project, the construction of Tianshui highway network will be further improved, and the links between the various regions of Tianshui will be strengthened, which will provide great convenience for local residents to travel. In addition, it has a certain role in promoting the construction of regional facilities.